Feeling good about yourself and your environment is the key to a life in harmony. Born from the desire to offer you an art of living rocked by escapes, craftsmanship and strong pieces, Galehïa is the union of two passions, that of fashion and decoration.


Through Galehïa, we want to give back to craftsmanship its place at the heart of your interior and to highlight local know-how. We go to meet artisans, from the potter to the ceramist, via the glassblower, in order to know each artist who gives life to our pieces.

Our design philosophy is illustrated by few collections in order to take the time to think and shape our pieces with heart. And thus, to offer you quality objects and pieces that resonate with our inspirations and values.

Our decorative pieces come to life in clothing workshops around the world, especially in Morocco, a country where craftsmanship is omnipresent. As for our textile pieces, mindful of the know-how and specificities of each country and workshop, we design them in Europe, as close as possible to you, mainly in France and Portugal.

Transparency being one of the pillars of the brand, we give you access to the traceability of each of our articles. We do our best to produce locally, in particular by carefully sourcing all our fabrics, which are, for the greatest number, Oeko-tex certified. Our designs are tailor-made, in order to be as close as possible to what we imagined. Each country having its own expertise, it may be necessary to relocate production, while maintaining our product quality requirements.


From articles found since her adolescence, to finds from the four corners of the world, it is through her travels that Camille has created her interior decoration. With pieces rich in culture and stories to share.

Thinking that each room has a soul, we wanted to pass on to you this love of decoration with a taste of escape. By designing treasures from elsewhere, to adorn your interior.


It is with the wish to emphasize creation and transmission that we take you to other horizons, between market stalls and shops in the shade of palm trees.

From a meeting with the craftsmen, to discovering the know-how hidden behind our pieces, we make you discover our creative journeys and behind the scenes. So it's your turn to pass on the story of your new pieces.

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With sunny sounds, Galehïa is an ode to origins and passions. A creation that brings down the Noholita veil, to take you to meet Camille's universe.

This is his most personal project, born from the culmination of several years of meetings, discoveries, renovations... Which have enriched him, and allow him, today, to transmit the exotic inspirations of his decoration. and to create pieces in her image, both feminine and strong in character.

Valeurs de production

Nous attachons une grande importance au savoir-faire local et à la qualité de la production.

Aussi, nous veillons à sélectionner nos matières premières dans le pays de production.

C'est dans cet esprit que nos fournisseurs partenaires se trouvent actuellement majoritairement en Europe.

Nos articles de prêt-à-porter sont confectionnés en France, au Portugal, et en Turquie dans des usines à taille humaine. Les matières utilisées sont directement sélectionnées dans le pays de fabrication.

Nos chaussures sont confectionnées au Portugal, où sont également directement sélectionnées les matières. C'est 10 artisans passionnés qui travaillent sur nos modèles. Les cuirs utilisés sont directement sélectionnées dans le pays de fabrication.

Nos articles de décoration sont conçus au Maroc dans l'atelier de notre artisan.

Concernant les maillots de bain, nous avons fait le choix d'un partenaire de confiance situé à l'île Maurice.

Galehïa is a whole universe, to feel aligned, good in your skin, and in your interior.

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